2020-2021 Tenant Responsibilities

Other than enjoying your time spent in Ithaca, tenants will have a few responsibilities that come with occupying an AHS Properties residence. We would very much appreciate upcoming and current tenants to familiarize themselves with a few key responsibilities through the life of your lease

Moving In

1. Upon receipt of the keys to your new residence, you will be expected to provide the landlord with your 1st month's rent.

2. Once you take occupancy of your residence, you must call NYSEG to arrange that the utilities billing be placed in your name. You can find the number to NYSEG by clicking here.

3. If you need TV, internet, and/or phone service, you will need to call Time Warner.  You can find the number to Time Warner by clicking here.

During the Course of Your Stay

Through the term of your lease, you will be responsible to submit your rent check on time, remit payment for your water bill (quarterly) within 10 days of receipt, participate in the general upkeep of your property (garbage strewn across exterior of your property is not acceptable), and respect the parking policy of your residence.   

Moving Out

As you are responsible for leaving your residence in the condition you first occupied it, it would be incredibly helpful that the tenant familiarizes themselves with the Move Out Checklist.